RIP Illcatchanything — Brian Linebarger

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Robert, I enjoyed our time together after the funeral but unfortunately not the night that followed at the motel.

I had gotten a "bargain" rate at the Jack London Inn on Jack London Square through I had always considered it a good motel. However, (1) The telephone in the room did not work and I could not reach the front desk; (2) Even after two trips down to the front desk I could not get my TV to work and they didn't have anyone to come up to the room; (3) The room was cold and I could not find a heater adjustment nor additional blankets. I woke up around 2:30, put on some clothes and still couldn't sleep due to the cold. After debating the options, I finally decided to head back to Fresno and avoid the morning Bay Area traffic. I packed up, told the guy at the front desk how unhappy I was, and headed back to Fresno at 3:30 in the morning. I enjoyed the fairly empty roads and the morning sun when it finally came up.

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Yeah, that place (Jack London Inn) has apparently gone way down in quality (I’ve never actually stayed there).

So, evidently you got about 6 hours of sleep.

You definitely beat the traffic! That is about the time Sylvana and I started driving to Catalina finally in the last couple years. You can get on the noon ferry easily if you leave the Bay Area by 3am.
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Oh man,,, It's really been a long time since i've been on this site! For the guys who knew him personally, remember to bring him with you on your outings. You know he's watching and particapating in your joy! For those of us who only knew him by his posts He Will Be Sorely missed! I know cause I've got Bro's I bring with me Everywhere I go! (just look at the wall) A couple of them probably are cussin me cause they never really liked to fish!!! So be it, they gotta hang with me now! He,He,He, mutt.