Rio vista help

Hey everyone
I was planning on fishing the Rio vista area this upcoming Saturday. I have family from out of town
coming for Christmas and want to take them out striper/sturgeon fishing. Thinking of soaking some bait . Has anyone how the action is up that area . Also I was wondering what are better baits to use around this time of year for stripers/sturgeon. I was thinking of using shad, live mudsuckers ghost/grass shrimp for sturgeon . Any advice is much appreciated. Thanks for your time

Ken Jones

Staff member
Two local bait shops that usually know what's going on are (1) Hap’s Bait — 84 Main Street, Rio Vista (707) 374-2372 and (2): Rio Vista Bait & Tackle — 510 CA-12, Rio Vista (707) 374-5522 . They should be able to answer your questions.