Report: 11/2 Crab Opener 2019

Thanks for the report.

I was at Montara on Sunday doing some mountain biking so decided to give Montara State Beach a shot afterward. A fellow angler reported good luck that morning (4 keeper dungies) but not much since. He very generously gave me a sputnik weight since the swell was coming up and he was done crabbing, but I didn't have any luck. Nothing so much as nibbled on my bait.


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Pacifica Pier was packed on the opener. Probably 1000 people on the pier. I managed to catch 2 keeper male dugneness, 2 keeper rock crabs and probably 20+ berried females (all released) from 11AM to 10PM. One male was a monster 7 1/2", which is the biggest I've ever caught! Some of the regulars were saying the males caught in this year's opener were bigger than usual. Hopefully that's a good sign for the rest of the season.