Rehab — good and bad

Ken Jones

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For about the past six months I've been having pain in my right arm and shoulder; both the arm and the rotator cuff area. A pain that doesn't normally affect my life too much but recently at Catalina I found out I could only make about 4-5 long casts for bonito before the pain really flared up. I gave up the pursuit of bonito and stuck mainly to the bottom fish. When it affects fishing it needs to stop.

I had gone to the doctor around the first of the year. The cause of the pain? Not sure. A cortisone shot stopped the pain for a few weeks but was not a cure. Ex-rays showed some arthritis; basically you're old. But, we need to see what we can do. So today I started some physical therapy, which I thought went well.

One question I asked him was if he thought the fishing/casting was a cause of the problem? Good news—he didn't think so. What about the hours I spend in front of a computer working on stories about fishing? Ahh! Bad news—that could be a big part of the problem. You need to get up often, go do something else, and exercise your arm and shoulder muscles.

So, I will try to get up more often. But can't give up fishing or writing about it. I imagine the same might be true for some of you?


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I have a really great chiropractor who is excellent and diagnosing stuff like this. The Physical Therapy sounds like the right approach but if you reach a dead end there I'd be happy to refer you to my guy.


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When done right, physical therapy exercises restore muscle tone and flexibility that are lost due to age and (more often than not, our increasingly sedentary 21st century life styles.) I have dealt very successfully with chronic back/leg pain (sciatica) and shoulder pain so bad I could barely lift my arms - all thanks to doing the exercises my Physical Therapist trained me in. Just like our brains, if we don't use it; we lose it. Stick with those routines. It took me 18 months to become pain free with the sciatica. But I have been off pain meds for over ten years. The shoulder pain went away much quicker, once I got my "marching orders." Just consider yourself to be in training for your next fishing trip. That is motivation enough!
Hang in there. Isn't aging wonderful? Words of encouragement and wisdom from our mutual friend, Mr. Robert Allen Zimmerman:

May your hands always be busy
May your feet always be swift
May you have a strong foundation
When the winds of changes shift

May your heart always be joyful
May your song always be sung
And may you stay
Forever young


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hope you get well soon,

i had tendonitis on my arm and wrists from too much boxing and playing guitar - which prevented me from fishing with my right arm. so fortunately i can cast a baitcaster with my left arm. But in reality, i did have to stop doing all those things for several months for it to go away. Then i am back to doing fishing and playing guitar - boxing not so much.