Reel for Team Daiwa 12ft surf rod

I'm looking for recommendations what reel to pair with 12 ft Team Daiwa for long casting. I usually use 65lb-80lb braid line.

I usually use Okuma Avenger - I think price/quality they are good. I'm open to new suggestions
What size? I’d suggest at least a penn pursuit 6000 or any of the reels above it with a metal frame. I use a pursuit 2 6000 with 40lb braid on my 10ft ugly stick for sharks and rays. It holds up pretty well and the one gripe I have is the line lay with smaller diameter braid, but for the thicker stuff it shouldn’t matter too much.
I'm looking to use this setup for long cast, hope to beat distance I get with 11&12 ft ugly sticks. I moved to daiwa due to rod weight and it should be able to handle up to 16oz lure...
Sounds a lot like a crab snaring setup. Fierce or a battle in 6000 or greater should do alright. I see a lot of them on Pacifica pier with 30lb mono. You might be able to get more distance with thinner braid. Max weight I’ve put on my ugly stick is 8 ounces for really rough conditions, but I usually use 5-6 ounces on a rod rated for 1-3. I’ve tried crab snaring with it, but it’s not really my kind of thing on piers,


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that's really heavy. unless you're a big guy with strong fingers to hold that line when casting a spinning reel, I would switch to conventional reel and rod
Come to think of it, why don’t many people use conventionals for crab snaring anyways? Bails won’t slam shut, fingers won’t get cut, and they hold a lot of mono.