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I’m thinking of replacing my old Shakespeare reel on my ugly stick lite 6’6. It’s served me well, but is showing its age, becoming a little loose here and there, and paint falling off. The reel right now is a 2000 size loaded with old, old 40lb braid. I’m thinking of a penn fierce 3000, and I’ve got a $60 gift card at dicks sporting, any other suggestions for a new reel I can get for my rod? Think I’m going to need a trout reel on steroids.

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40# on a 2000? That seems mighty thick for a 2000. 15 or 20 seems more appropriate. 40 on a 4000 is large. 30 is plenty on a 4000 spinner.
The Fierce or a similar Shimano (Nexave, Shahara, Sedona) or Daiwa (Legalis, Regal, Exceler) in that range/price.
Crank the handle, flip the bail, twist the drag knob, and see if it fits the bill!
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Yeah, that line was from around 10 years ago when my dad first went fishing and was told by his rockfishing friends that he just needed 40 lb to get through the kelp or rocks. It worked somehow with the 2000 size reel and the reel still works fairly well, so I guess it passed? I guess I’ll try them out and see which one seems like it has the most play or looseness at the store. I will probably spool with 20lb braid.