Recipes for Greenling — Kelp Greenling and Rock Greenling

Ken Jones

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From: Ken Jones on May 5, 2004

What's your best recipe for greenling — Both kelp greenling and rock greenling?

Posted by tranbaby2

Lightly coated with cornstarch, deep fried and with a nice black bean sauce with onions and bell pepper.

Posted by tomaurand

What does greenling taste like? This is one fish I have yet to keep. Are they as good as rockfish? Tom

Posted by eelmaster

Nope. I kept a couple a few years back. They are better than perch (IMO). But usually if your catching greenling, you're catching rockfish. Why keep anything else if you have tasty rockfish? Just my thought. Though, one might say that it is more ethical to release the lip hooked rockfish and keep the gut hooked greenling... but that’s another thread.

Posted by blahblahblah

They aren't firm and white like rockfish, but a little more firm than perch. They taste fine, but nothing remarkable. The most distinctive aspect to eating them is a kind of gelatinous quality to the meat. Sometimes lingcod is the same way, but not as much as greenling. C&R

Posted by Ken Jones

I agree that the small ones should all be catch and release. By the time you fillet them and remove the pin bones there isn't much meat left. However, I used to get some very nice-sized fish while fishing from the rocks up around the Point Arena Lighthouse (private property) and they certainly were worth keeping and eating. Unfortunately, the man who owned the property died and we never had quite the same relationship with his widow in regards to getting permission to fish the area. It was a great spot for striped perch, greenling and cabezon (with an occasional ling) but those days are over. However, I have also caught some nice-sized greenling from the Trinidad Pier, Citizen's Dock in Crescent City, and the small pier in Brookings, Oregon so they are out there.

Posted by DSRTEGL

I never eat them if caught South of Fort Bragg. They taste funny for some reason. Different food source I guess. Breaded and deep fried with dipping sauces is the way to go.

Posted by chen the fishermen

Cooked Greenling — Great tasting fish

• First you pan fry it in oil and ginger till it’s golden on both sides.
• Add cooking wine. Then soy sauce, sugar, and green onion.
• Simmer for 10 min or so, (add tiny bit of water if it gets too dry. Usually there would be enough juice from the fish and cooking wine to cook it).
• Add pepper and more chopped green onion before serving.
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