Ray Day Tuesday @ Seal Beach Pier.

Fishman Fishman

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Summer conditions today on the pier. Weather and people. Summers here!

Bottom feeders all morning! Tally at end of trip. 12 Thornback Rays, 2 Bat Rays (21 inch and 16 inch wingspans) 1 Round Stingray. Caught fish on squid and anchovy with fish finder set up.

Played with a sabiki and caught several Queenfish that will be used as bait and a fish fry. Also caught two Deep Body Anchovies. First for me. Thanks everyone who helped to identify the Anchovies.

No takers on live Queenfish or Anchovies. Next time!

A few Jacksmelt and Walleye Perch caught by other fishermen.

Good luck fishing everyone!