Racial and Ethnic Fishing Groups in Santa Monica Bay

Ken Jones

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Was reviewing an old seafood consumption study of Santa Monica Bay done from 1991-1992. Interesting differences on the groups fishing on piers/jetties, party boats, private boats and the beach. I imagine most of the difference relates to income levels. It would be interesting to see if these figures have changed over the intervening years.

Pier/Jetty: 26.2% White, 39.1% Hispanic, 13.4% Black, 19.0% Asian, 2.3% Other.

Party Boats: 53.6% White, 15.7% Hispanic, 7.8% Black, 21.3% Asian, 1.6% Other

Private Boat: 65.4% White, 12.5% Hispanic, 8.3% Black, 11.7% Asian, 2.1% Other

Beach: 36.4% White, 18.2% Hispanic, 8.3% Black, 45.4% Asian, 0.0% Other

It also shows that any organization representing shore and pier anglers, i.e., UPSAC, would need to do a good job reaching out to all of the various groups, but especially to Hispanics.


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Don’t know. In San Diego, it seems like mixed bag nowadays. It always surprises me to see pretty young women fishing on piers these days. They’d be handing me a fish, “You want it?” Coming up back in the days a girl would be like, “Eewww Get that s**+ away from me!”

The Filipino mentality when I was growing up was, “Why do I have to go on a boat if I can catch fish on the pier?” The ratio of groups depended on what pier you were fishing at. You would find most White people fished the party boats. The Hispanic people I’ve met preferred the party boats or fishing lakes. Most African American fishermen that I’ve conversed with primarily fished freshwater, as with most Lao people.

Ken Jones

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I think there are many factors involved including economics and the social aspect given that whole families can visit a pier and fish for a relatively inexpensive price. Given the price of party boats today, the crowding when the fishing is good, and the reduced catch limits (or average catches), many will stick to shore-based (surf and pier) fishing.


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yup the cost of things limits my activity

yeah, i do see more and more women fishing. like benicia salmon fishing used to be a sausage fest.