Quick Session

After a week of drought, went back out there this morning, There were a dozen guys were fishing already. after five minute later, the guy on my right hookup and the guy on my left, he hookup also. at this point, i have to decide which direction should i go, i went to the right side because i saw a nice looking trough there. i decided to switch lure, put on the sp minnow. on the second cast the little guy jump on the lure and took me for a ride, it took some time to get him in because he was hooked wayyyyy out there. after landing him, cast out again and this time the big boy grab the minnow on the way in. he jump several time out of the water, try to loosen the hook, but to no prevail. The morning session went quickly and came home for breakfast.

Location: ocean beaches
Tackle: 9' PHoenix Rod w/ shimano Curado
Leader: 20 lb pp tie FG Knot 20 fluor. leader
Bait: Daiwa SP Minnow