Putting in a plug for a bait shop

Finding a bait shop isn't that hard but finding a good one is. I've used the internet to see what I could find and called them all. The one I'm referring to now is called big fish bait and tackle. The address is 1780 Pacific coast highway, seal Beach, California and the phone number is 1 - 562 431-0723. Rather than tell you what all they had I'm going to attempt to send a picture of a chart they made on the baits available and the prices. I'm using my cell phone because that's where the picture is and I can talk instead of tapping the keyboard but sometimes it mis-spells words.
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Okay, that was my 1st attempt...It said my file was too large! I don't know how to resize a picture on my cell phone. Sorry about that! I'll try to hand-type the chart but it will take some time so I'll just list what they have as bait.
Anchovies (frozen and frozen salted)
Squid (frozen and fresh?)
Blood worms
Lug worms
Ghost shrimp (yes, they're live!)(frozen too)
Mussels (live, frozen, shucked)
asst worms (for fresh water)
Oh yeah...they're open 7 days a week. Monday at 7am. Tues - Sun 5am. That gives me time to get there and travel to piers I want to fish.