Pursuit 10/15


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I made the very wise choice to get on a boat before a midterm. The boat left the dock at 6 am, and it took three hours to get to the first spot on the backside of the island. At the first spot, only a couple calico and a small yellowtail were caught. The next spot was just about the same. At the third spot, just south of Cat Harbor, there was an excellent bonito bite, most being 16-20", with a couple standout fish at 30+ inches. A few small yellowtail were caught, I managed one 20". The captain moved around a bit to avoid sea lions, and soon enough the boat had limited out on bonito. We then moved to the frontside and fished for bass. I caught one 14", with many shorts. The boat returned by 5:30.



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Nice line-up of fish there! That captain really got you into a lot of fish- and back to port - in less than 12 hours. Very impressive.


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The boat as a whole was not particularly crowded, but the stern was usually packed with people flylining baits. ~30 people on the boat in total with COVID restrictions. I was fishing live dines until I got the yellow, then I switched over to a 42 g coltsniper.