Powerbait for opaleye?

Ken Jones

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Date: November 15, 1999
To: PFIC Message Board
From: fongster
Subject: Powerbait for opaleye, etc.?

Wondering if green Berkley Powerbait used for trout could be a great opaleye bait...thoughts? Or any of the other colors for perch, etc. Instead of using in a ball shape you could make a short wormlike shape or sand crablike shape. Anybody used this stuff in saltwater yet?

Posted by Songslinger

Actually I did, but up until now I was too embarrassed to admit it. Years ago I was fishing for perch and ran out of bait. Out of desperation I put on some Powerbait, rolling it out to match a worm-like shape. It was like a desert out there. Then, a last cast before I went home. Lo and behold, action. A kingfish! He was just as surprised as I was. I've never respected kingfish since.
Songslinger (redfaced and losing credibility by the second)

Posted by fongster

Uh, kingfish wasn’t on my list, lol!!!!

Posted by Rich Reano

Yup. When nothing else works, I use green Powerbait with treble hooks to catch mackerel and smelt. I haven’t tried it on other fish, though

Posted by Squidley Diddley

Let’s not give Berkley any ideas....or the next thing you know they'll be selling Powerbait specially formulated for Halibut, Calico, etc......and the next thing you know....we'll be seeing lot’s of bells attached to rod-tips and hearing jingles all up and down the pier. Not that I look down upon Powerbait or anything, It's just a lot more fun to catch a trout on a fly or lure.

Posted by Songslinger

Egad! Powerbait for halibut! Shudder! Alas, it's too late up here in the Bay Area to avoid the tintinnabulation of the bells (with apologies to Poe). Berkeley Pier can get pretty jingling at times. Some of the bell-raisers even leave them on when they cast. Annoying as hell. Never understood it myself. What's wrong with a closely attended pole and a drag set properly? Sure is a lot more peaceful! Maybe we can have a moratorium on bells, cell phones, and radios. That would be the day!
Songslinger (eh? what did you say?)

Posted by fongster

Anyone use a bobber hanging from a paperclip? You just hang it on some slack between a couple of guides and when you’re bit, the line yanks it up or makes it jiggle. Just remove it and set the hook. Be sure to hang it on the pier side, not over the water. Ahh, silence is golden...

Posted by Ken Jones

I too must confess that I tried Powerbait once from a pier in saltwater. As I recall, it wasn't too successful, but then again almost anything will work at times. In my new book I report on such baits as bologna, salami, cheese, garden snails, etc., and a few baits that make these seem tame. So, even though some of us may have considered a visit to the church to confess our sins, we'll just pretend it didn’t happen and leave it at that.