Power of prayer —

Ken Jones

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I know some of you are not religious and do not believe in the power of prayer and that's everyone's right. However, if you do believe in prayer, I ask you to say a prayer for a couple of good guys, both of them friends to myself, PFIC, and many of you over the years as well as being very active in UPSAC and its activities.

One is Boyd Grant (pierhead) who is fighting cancer. He needs all the support we can give him.

The other is Mike Spence (Santa) who is fighting cirrhosis of the liver and has been bed-ridden for about two months.

Please give your thoughts and prayers to both.
Thanks everybody for the good thoughts. For those who can arrange it a personal visit is always appreciated. Currently I am building my own strength up following a couple of months in the hospital myself. I hope to be able to return to the desert for a couple of months before I enter hospice there. It is not as as gruesome a process as I (we all) expect it to be as long as you can stay ahead of the pain and keep yourself occupied. But what is missing is the sudden stop in life's back and forth around you as people begun reacting ... please don't pull back. Mike and I are still here as far as I know. Anybody have an update on Mike.



Red Fish

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Boyd and Mike, we are pulling for you both. It was not too long ago we were all sharing “the rail” at Goleta Pier at a get-together. I am hopeful that we will share the rail again someday and enjoy our common passion of fishing once more.


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I have been away from my computer until tonight. Ken told me on Saturday.
I have know both of them since I joined PFIC in 2006. Have had the pleasure of visiting and fishing with both.
Some of us are getting into the age that this type of news will become often. Hope it is not too many and as the Turks would say "I hope it is behind" them. Meaning wishing for speedy recovery.