Port Hueneme Pier

Ken Jones

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Has anyone fished the pier lately? I'm trying to get some up to date information, i.e., is the city still considering closing it at night? It seems like kind of an out of the way pier unless you live in the Oxnard, Port Hueneme area.

SC McCarty

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The fishing there has been a bit slow, whenever I have been around, mostly small mackerel or topsmelt. Last month there was a baby thresher shark (around 6 ft.).

I don't know what you mean about plans to close it at night, but there is currently no parking in the lot or on the adjacent street from 10 pm to 6(?)am. This already essentially closes the pier during those hours.

It is an out of the way pier, but it is easy to get to:
  • From Hwy 101 south, in Ventura, take Ventura Rd. south until it ends. Cross E. Surfside Dr. into the pier parking lot.
  • From Hwy 101 north, in Camarillo, take the Lewis Rd exit. Turn right on Daily Dr, then right on Lewis Rd. This becomes Hueneme Rd, then Port Hueneme Rd. in Hueneme, turn left on either Surfside Dr or Ventura Rd to get to the parking lot. (This is easier than it sounds)
There is also some decent surf fishing in the area at Silver Strand Beach (the other side of Hueneme Harbor).


Ken Jones

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The reason I asked is that I ran across an article dated 2017 where the city council was debating closing the pier at night. The issue was money and keeping the restrooms at the front of the pier open all night. Apparently they didn't have the money to have people to check them at night so they got dirty and (sometimes) vandalized. Some council members wanted the restrooms closed and said if we close the restrooms we should also close the pier. At the time they decided to take a closer look at the city budget (which seemed to be in dire straits).

Reminded me of the situation at the San Clemente Pier on the opening night of the lobster season when the pier was packe with people but the restrooms were closed (and many people complained).