Point Arena Pier 9/29/2023


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A friend of mine invited me and my wife to join him celebrating his birthday at Sea Ranch over past weekend. He was an avid anglers in past but stop fishing many decades ago when he took up on golf. He wanted to try it again with me after hearing about all fishing I’ve done. It’s been a long while I went out myself but we agreed to test our luck at the famed pier.

We fished between 11am to 5pm with shrimps on hi-lo rig & size 4 bait hooks. Weather was all over that day. From SoCal like sunny blue sky to miserable cold drizzles. A few days before full moon. We pretty much kept the pier to ourselves except for some commercial fishers hauling up their boats with their catches. Fishing was pretty slow.

I landed:
1 striped seaperch
2 walleye surfperch
3 baby rockfish (Boccaccio and blue are my guesses)
1 short greenling

My friend did not get any until his final cast which gave him another baby rockfish. They are safe fly returned back to the water.


My friend was satisfied as he got at least something on his line. Size didn’t matter.