Please support Pier Fishing In California...

Ken Jones

Staff member
It costs money to host and produce this site (not counting the hours I put into it). I used to sell a few copies of Pier Fishing In California each month to help defray costs but none have been sold since the new site went up. Please consider buying a book if you haven't or making a donation to PFIC. I think you can donate through the Paypal page but some how list that it's a donation if you do so I know the intended purpose. Anything helps!

BTW, I had hoped the Google Ads would help pay for the site but they average only about $2 a day.
It seems like the only way to get to PayPal is by clicking on the Book Purchase button. Maybe if you add a Donate button to the home page or the message board page, it would generate a response. The Purchase button only seems to allow the purchase price plus tax, not a donation chosen by the member.
Too late, I've already bought a book :). But I'll make another contribution if the donate button is added. This is a great site and I hate to see it go down because of lack of funding. My suggestion is make it on top of the page, easily visible. I looked around and didn't see a donate button, but I did find the purchase a book way at the bottom. I bought one. I think you should put buy a book at the top of the page too.