Please do not confuse the article below and the Buena Vista Beach Resort with Rancho Buena Vista —


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Rancho seems a better-known location due to its age.

I passed the "Rancho" on the sand during the sightseeing with the "side by side". From my view it looked old, unkept and not inviting.

I may be wrong and perhaps from the other side it is a better-looking place.

Ken Jones

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Rancho Buena Vista seemed to be a well run resort when I was there. The rooms were clean, the restaurant did a great job cooking up our fish (and other items), the staff was friendly and efficient, and the pool bar stayed busy.

However that was in 2013 so it's hard for me to say how it is today. There are many fishing lodges in that region today, some new and some old, and they all seem to have their regulars who prefer them for one reason or another. I think the fishing itself is pretty much the same considering they all basically fish the same waters.