Pillar Point Pier, Pillar Point Harbor

Ken Jones

Staff member
Stopped by the small Pillar Point Pier at Pillar Point Harbor last Thursday. I planned to fish for a few hours but the million or maybe billion kelp flies made that impossible. Why so many flies? Hard to say but I've seen it at several other piers where there were a lot of pelicans and the end of the rocks near the pier were covered with pelicans and all their (literal) crap. Fishing was slow. One hour fishing produced 1 grass rockfish, 1 blackperch, 1 shinerperch and 6 bullheads (staghorn sculpin). Not exactly a great visit.

Pillar.Point.P_2022.8.1_Pier.1 copy.jpg

The pier is small but well kept up

Pillar.Point.P_2022.8.2_Pier.Rocks copy.jpg

The area between the pier and rocks is the area for perch and rockfish

Pillar.Point.P_2022.8.3_Rules copy.jpg

The "Rules"

Pillar.Point.P_2022.8.6_Fishing copy.jpg

I was alone most of the time on the pier

Grass.Rockfish_Pillar.Point.P_2022.8_1 copy.jpg

Grass Rockfish

Pillar.Point.P_2022.8.4_Recycle copy.jpg

Recycle your line

Pillar.Point.P_2022.8.5_Safe.Eating copy.jpg

Safe Eating

Blackperch_Pillar.Point.P_2022.8 copy.jpg


Pillar.Point.P_2022.8.8_Pelicans copy.jpg


Pillar.Point.P_2022.8.7_Harbor.boats copy.jpg

The harbor with its boats