Pier Fishing After Recent Rain - Is it worth it?

Hi everyone - quick question: Is it worth fishing on So Cal OC piers like Newport, Dana Point, and San Clemente after it pours like it has recently?

For me I still find it enjoyable to go out and try (especially after a long week of working), but just curious about whether anyone here consciously avoids fishing on piers after rain.

Generally, it is a good idea to let the ocean settle down after drenching rains like those we just experienced. To add insult to injury, there is a high surf advisory right now, with minor coastal flooding occurring on the morning high tides.

The storms and surf really churn up the near-shore area, and there tends to be a lot of loose seaweed, eel grass, trash, and other assorted junk floating around in the coffee-colored water... a sure sign of elevated bacteria levels from all of the delightful human detritus that has washed into the surfline from storm drains. With respect to San Clemente, when the surf is up, lines and hoops always came back with tons of red algae, and the pier was also a mess from anglers leaving it on the deck (which I never understood, but it is what it is).

The week ahead looks good, and the sea conditions are also calming down. Give it a few days. Search Google for "CDIP Nowcast" for swell models, and try any of the surfing apps/websites for current conditions.