PFIC and Marriage...

Ken Jones

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Date: July 27, 2004
To: PFIC Message Board
From: Ken Jones

Subject: PFIC & marriage....

Let's see now, recently we've seen Mel hitch up, Ben and Mr. Stinkyfinger himself (oops, predator) do the same, and now Nufo. Is there something causing this? Is it subtle rays emanating from the PFIC screen? Is it similar to lure-envy when one angler sees a new lure and has to have one for himself? Something must be causing this and we need to pinpoint the cause before it comes an epidemic. Or is that good?

Posted by gyozadude

Quality spouses too! Note that in each case, it seems that pier rats are hitching up with some very fine ladies. Maybe pier rats got some extra MoJo or something that's just attracting the right ladies. Maybe it's a combination of skills that make for great anglers that also apply in finding a spouse - like being specific in targeting, knowing where to look, persistence, timing, patience, and catch-n-release. Afterall, if you love something and set it free, if it comes back to you...well, we all know the saying.

Posted by skipper

Remember that we are fishermen going fishing for good fish and fine ladies.

Posted by mel

It's all about the bait and presentation. ; )

Posted by oldmanandthesea

Dear Mrs. Jones your man is in heat.

Posted by Sinker

Lure-envy Muhahahahahah

Posted by eelmaster

Last night I came home... to the news that my old lady bought a wedding dress. I guess after 8 years of living together, buying a home together, and having a daughter together means that we have to finally pick a date. I guess we have been doing thing backwards. Hehe
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