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Ken Jones

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Date: January 11, 2002

To: PFIC Message Board

From: fishpimp

Subject: hookers wanted!

Jus wanted to let all the hookers out there know that i have jus purchased a domain name and building a site dedicated to all the hardcore bay area fishin folk. im directing it mainly towards the bankers (people without the privlige of a boat like myself). i would like to get all reports from anyone with some type of info being bad or good i will a gallery section so u can post your photos. i will put the time in on this page to keep it updated weekly giving u the latest info ive recieved. im asking all u hookers out there for your help on keepin the info comin in. check it out soon da fish

Posted by lucy

Does anybody else find this offensive? “Fishpimps”? “Hookers wanted”? Look, I’m not Ms. Ultra-Sensitive, and neither “language” nor sexual innuendo offends me. However, pimps DO offend me—pimps are worthless scumbags who make their living exploiting poor dumb prostitutes. Pimps are the lowest of the low, right down there with child molesters and kiddy-porn pushers and other creatures who, as Gyozadude would put it, “don’t deserve the air they breathe.” Why would you choose to call yourself such a thing? Do you think it’s cute or funny? Well, it isn’t. I fail to see any connection between a sport such as fishing and a scummy, sleazeball activity such as pimping, except for a lame and puerile play on words. (“Hookers.” Oh, please.) Sounds to me like you got on this board just to brag about your catch and tout your website. Well, here’s one ANGLER who is NOT interested.

Posted by pescare

Juvenile came to mind also.

Posted by Ken Jones

Yep! I agree 100% with Lucy and just wish I could have stated it as well. I think if you want to attract some people change the name. Although we may have some “heavy metal” fishing (due to the mix of toxins entering the S.F. Bay waters), we don’t need “gangsta rap” fishing. Oh well, back to my Dylan and a little glass of wine (medicinal of course).

Posted by stinkyfingers

Ken — you are too much… “heavy metal” — PCB’s, mercury, etc. vs. “gansta rap”?? ha hha ha! I’m on the floor! Thanks for a good start on a Monday.

Posted by FISHPIMP

no i dont think i came on to this site to brag at all, just wanted to show the skills. ive earned every single one of those fish spending endless days and endless nights goin after em. the cost to this date three jobs 4 girlfriends because of all the time ive devoted to the it braggin if ya will but as for me im pimpin on!

Posted by redneckgirl1970

lucy i find your reply very offensive you complain with the name fish pimp? i complain about the way you act in public and the stuff you write…. you dont think what you wrote is more offensive then the word “PIMP”?… well i do and so do amny others here i think you need to check your self and step on back woman….and as for these people being show offs well heck ya if you caught what they caught (which i see no pics from you) then you would post to…its not showing off it showing whats out there to be caught…so get a clue and be happy for someone who caught what you cannot….and as for those hookers they can walk away and they liked to be pimped ….but hey you sound like uou talk from experience in that field….so hey so sorry hes not your pimp but get over it. and ya know what i think your the worthless scumbag here for putting down some damn fine fisherman.

Posted by Frenchy

Oh Boy! When will people stop making new log-ons defend themselves? It is obvious when a one-post member signs on to defend a five-post member what’s really going on! If you have something to say, have the balls to say it with your real name. Stop trying to hide behind another name! Andrew

Posted by lucy

Thanks, Frenchy. I was going to say something like that myself, but you beat me to it.

Posted by Frenchy

No problem!

Posted by fishpimp

lighten up people its jus fishin. i apologise for bringing offense to anyone! but i mean come on r we really that uptight over fishin. i dont know about u folk but fishin to me is all about escaping the everyday norm and havin fun at what i love to do and what im really good at.let me all tell u how i came to the name fish pimp.fishin out at sols pier probably with ten other anglers no one catchin nuthin but hey look at me my rod is goin off 3 fish in 45 minutes 1 monster sturgeon.a little old man walks over and asks me what im usin he says he usin the same and he dont get ithe looks at me and says u gotta be a fish pimp or sumthin and walks back to his thats the story the name has stuck ever since.when me and my buddys go fishin its all about the story u get to tell when u back home and the braggin rights u get to have till the next not out there tryin to get a meal i let everything go back to the water hopin the next guy gets a chance at him so if a little word like pimp or hooker offends you im sorry, go back to watchin tv then

Posted by lucy

You miss the point. I’m not uptight over FISHING. I’m offended by the mentality that considers a “pimp” to be anything desirable or admirable. I used to work in the hotel district of San Francisco, where I had the chance to observe and meet quite a number of prostitutes and pimps. Pimps are slimebags and parasites. If you know anything about how they operate, then you know damn well that they’re about as admirable as tapeworms. (Actually, comparing pimps to tapeworms is an insult to tapeworms!) If you don’t know anything about it, then you should educate yourself before you go calling yourself a “pimp.” If you are good at fishing, then call yourself something that indicates PRIDE in your ability, not something that derogates and degrades both you and the sport. I suspect that you don’t know anything about “pimping”– because if you did, you would slap hell out of anyone who called you a “pimp” and you wouldn’t even THINK of using the word as a screen name.

Posted by Songslinger

I’m with Lucy on this one, absolutely. There is nothing cool about “pimp” and it is remarkably offensive. People who aspire to gangsta affectations are limited in their imaginations. No threat, just a promise: I will not respond further or aid anyone with that mindset on this board. It denigrates fishing.

Posted by Frenchy

“Pimp” is a term that is now used freely by the younger generation. I also don’t agree with it’s use, but I don’t think it’s going away either. Young people now refer to themselves and each other as “pimps” if they get with a girl, and for this and that. It started because it was one of the many-featured words in Rap music, and rappers use it in everyday conversation. People say Rap music is not a bad influence, but here is one example of how they encourage kids in a negative way. I could give a hundred other examples like glorifying drug use, alcohol abuse, unprotected sex, sex with many partners, woman bashing, cursing, gang life, etc. etc. God bless America, and free speech huh?

Posted by BooBoo

No comment because it seems like some people forgot what it was like to be a “kid” and the terms that were used and they meant to their group of friends.

Posted by lucy

You’re right about that. And I may be guilty of overreacting to use of a word that just doesn’t mean the same to others as it means to me. Several of the words that were popular slang when I was in high school were highly offensive to parents and other adults—which of course was exactly what made them SO much fun to use!

Posted by FISHPIMP

what point its jus a freakin simple play on words like u say .u act like im on here tryin to promote prostitution, gangsta lifestyle and whatever else u threw in there.i think if i was really tryin to promote that type of lifestyle i would do it on sumthin other than a fishing page.i think yur the one who needs to grow up

Posted by stinkyfingers

Check it out fish-player: These folks are seasoned, wise, older folks. Keep in mind that you and I can learn a LOT from them. Being young, and being used to being around people our age sometimes makes us “slip” in the company of “proper” folks. You’ll get better responses from the people if you try and stick with the substance, instead of “dressing up” the conversation with “hip” words, jive, whatever. I hope you understand what I’m saying. I know that when young folks talk nowadays, they like to put color into their words, and run off with slang and Ebonics and foul language. Is it wrong – no way – it’s fun for you and your friends and you have a right to do it. I’m just telling you that you’ll get better responses here if you leave that “style” out of it, and stick to putting your thoughts on here. Just pretend you’re in a big room with a hundred people – most of them being over the age of 40, intelligent, and good-natured, and DAMN WORTH the respect they deserve.

Red Fish

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Wow, let the History class begin Ken. Martin … is over (40) now. And, what I find amusing in this is that Captain Jim Smith had a party boat 🚤 out of Berkeley Marina in the 70’s named after a movie of that era, “The Happy Hooker.” Someone else had a boat named “JAWS.” I was thinking of having “JAWS Too” IF I have a charter in my retirement.”