Paradise Pier - Poachers

The main reason I decided to remove most of my posts was not to enable poachers, and I've seen too many of them throughout the years.

I'm going to call out some fishermen publicly to straighten out their ways.

Met three regulars at Paradise: [1, 2 and 3] I don't personally know any of them, but I've seen them many times before at this pier. [1 ] told me Fish and Game made him cut his 6-hook Sabiki into 3 hooks at Ft. Baker. I asked him if Fish and Game questioned him about throwing his cast net with two lines already in the water because that was illegal. He also told me he caught 50 fish last year. I wondered how many of the fish were caught legally? [1 and 2] were both soaking two lines each while plugging pretty much the entire day. [1] landed a nice 28" on a third rod with a plug. Unfortunate because he kept the fish. He also landed a keeper striper later on his third rod on a plug. He offered me the fish. No way did I want a poached fish. Really unfortunate because [1] said he had caught two 32-inchers this year, one on a plug and one on bait. I've seen how this guy operates, and with no doubt in my mind both were caught with three rods. With two lines in the water, [2] nets a nice smelt and later lands a 29.5" with it. He was also plugging when the bite occurred... [3]? Third rod plugger confirmed, but he's off the hook because he landed his keeper striper with only two lines in the water. Another guy pulls up a 28" on a third rod.

The friend I was fishing with? Idiot third rod plugger too.

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Ken Jones

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I removed the names used in the original post even though I have fought against unethical angling ever since this site was started 24 years ago—and understand the frustration. I do not think it's our place to use people's names in that manner (and I am not sure of the legal consequences). The poaching is wrong but I tend to agree with "The Happy Warrior" that the post will do little to alter their actions. What to do when poaching/illegal/unethical angling is observed is a topic we've discussed literally dozens of times with few definitive answers. Other than call Cal Tip (which is rarely successful) the answer as to what to do rests in the hands and minds of each individual. My answer is not a good one but I am not sure there is one answer that would please everyone or solve the problem.
I would have to disagree. These guys need to be called out for their wrongdoings. These guys need to be ashamed to show their faces in public. Nothing is more embarassing than having poacher affixed to one's name. If I were fishing with more like-minded individuals yesterday and we all pointed out their mistakes, the tide might have turned.
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Red Fish

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It's OK to disagree.
It’s a choice. It’s like social change, you can ignore it or choose to do something about it if you feel strongly enough. And, just like social change, some people put themselves on the front line, some people write letters and seek legal justice, and some people call the cops.
It’s a choice Bill. And sometimes it does matter who’s doing the talking or action and how you approach it. I feel I am an excellent judge of character most times.
Paradise is so small that if someone was using too many rods, there isn’t even enough room for (12) people.

Okay, so here’s my example about how I am going to be “diplomatic.” I get there and I wish to fish the left side. So, I scope it out and see guys, look at/count rods, and examine behavior. So, I see an area where rods are really spread out and see a rod unattended where I wish to place mine and say loudly, “Is this anybody’s rod?” And then when they say it is, I ask, “Are you here, or is that you over there too?” Many times they say, “You can go ahead and put your rod there,”

So, at least I’ve won the battle I am most concerned about, having a spot to fish in. Sometimes, these guys will put away their 3rd rod because they see others request space.

So, you have to choose your battles. Tiburon is not a place for such bad behavior. There are a couple people from the Tiburon area that fish on the pier on the board. Most there fish on boats. I wonder how they feel about it?

Happy Wanderer knows how protective I was over Berkeley because that was my town (born and raised). I always used to joke with HW, “Welcome to my pier!” But, that pier was a 1/2 mile long, so I had as much as Paradise Pier to myself and I wouldn’t even notice anybody else much for years upon years which is best, because I don’t want to be minding anyone else’s business when I’m fishing (reason I have had no trouble fishing the Bay over 50 years).
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