Pacifica pier report 12/27

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First report on this site.
Arrived at Pacifica pier around 11am and fished until 1:30. Large waves and high wind from the north. Fished around the mid pier section with a Sabiki under a bobber and a Sabiki for the bottom and caught 1 jacksmelt. Mostly crabbers out with some luck. Other than that, few people were catching fish.


My first reply to this site.;)
I am always on the lookout for any Pacifica Pier fishing reports. Glad to hear you went out there. Seems fishing is slow out there right now.
Last time I was there was the opening of crab season. Got there at 4 a.m. from San Jose, with breakfast, new reels/line, crabnets, rigs, just ready to go. Damn, never saw this pier with so many people. Lol. I usually park right in front of the pier, this time. Parked like 5 blocks away. Good thing I bought a cart. Couldn’t find a spot to fish, went near the shore. Left after 30 minutes:).
Matt, Dude, sorry to hear that, thats the dues you half'ta pay sometimes, once years ago I stopped by that pier on my way to UCSF (for my daughter) and they were loading up on king salmon! it was uuunreal!!! Ofcourse I didn't have any of the "right" gear so I caught a bunch of lizard fish, that was it. I would'a went back but I live in tulare (south of fresno) and only so much time in a day! I'd say prior preparation prevents pi## pore performance! Don't count that pier out tho cause out of all those "northern piers" Pacifica catches more better fish, if you hit it right.


Thanks MuttFishr. Yeah I do prefer Pacifica Pier. Hoping to get back out there soon.