Pacifica Pier 8/15/2018

Ok so I seriously thought about it & decided to skip it. 1st its Friday, no way we find parking. 2nd I was there a few yrs ago the day crabbing opened & it was insane!!!! Way too many fishermen! And last Salmon just aint worth it! It would have been interesting to see but the parking situation is bad there & I had a generator from work in the back of our work truck I cant risk getting ripped off if I had to park far away.
I was there during the crabbing season and the regular guys hanging at the end of the pier are very rude. Never again am I going to this pier. I almost got into a fight.

Red Fish

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I have never had a problem fishing “International” or “Little Manila” years back when there were dozens of fish caught with the place packed.

Those were the years when there was constant non-stop action all of July and August.

A dozen fish isn’t worth it. I visited the pier the past few years on average twice in the month of July and it had been poor. And, there has only been (10) regulars with (20) poles. Some people that have been regulars for years tell me they just fish for stripers right before the first breaker and don’t venture to the end.

It is nice just visit the sea, the actual ocean (instead of the Bay) once in awhile. It will take a thresher run for me to venture there between now and September.

I stopped going there every summer years ago when I found out I could catch salmon in Rodeo on a #5 spinner and 12# test.

Something you just got to love about underhanding an 8oz weight and sliding down a softball-sized float from atop a 40ft pier!
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