Pacifica 8/20


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Arrived at the pier at 9:30am. There were a lot of people fishing, concentrated at the surf zone and out at the end especially. I spent most of my time fishing at the end and also tried closer to the surf for a bit around noon but got nothing there. Action was slow overall, people were catching a few jacksmelt and some perch (didn't get a close look at them).

I used a sabiki on one rod and tried a hi-lo rig with a few different baits (anchovy, gulp, tiny crabs) on the other. Caught a few small spotfin perch and shiner perch on sabiki and sent one shiner out as live bait to no avail. Eventually gave up and downsized to a smaller hook and shrimp on both rods. Got a couple sanddabs (kept) and a big staghorn sculpin (released).

Later in the afternoon one fisherman caught a lingcod from the end of the pier and brought it up hand over hand to the deck, it measured 25". Not sure what rig he was using. Headed home at 3pm. I was just glad to be somewhere with no wildfire smoke (compared to the East Bay).