Oyster point pier 5/25

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Slow and hot day. Was there from 8am to 4:30pm on the incoming tide. Was there with about 10 other anglers on the 3rd day of opening the pier and the launch. Was using a fishfinder with squid and a three way rig with frozen anchovy. Saw only 4 shaker halibut caught the entire day and 2 bay ray caught. All halibut were caught on live anchovies, and 3 of which by one guy who had the bait tank. His kid was throwing half living bait into the water, maybe chumming in the fish? I don’t know. Got a few live baits when he left and caught 1 short halibut. Lotta boats and kayakers our today, heard from one of them there were rays and sharks out there.
thanks for the report

Similar scene at paradise Sun (Initially didn’t want to post a report because honestly the whole thing seems like it will get shut down soon)... dozens of out of towners, all dropped off or parked illegally along the street. Ranger asked if people had masks and many did not... no fines issues.

I got 1 Small batray on dead chovies, Saw a few shaker hali for guys with live bait, one striper that got eaten by a seal and a few other bats. Big crowd, hot sun and few fish 😂