Oyster point 6/6

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Headed to the pier at around 6 am on peak low tide. Started with two 3 way rigs with frozen anchovies, herring, and back of the freezer bait. Guy there with a cast net couldn’t get any live bait. Somehow caught a bullhead on my stinger treble and used it as live bait on one of my rods. Some weed in the water, most fishfinder rigs were clogged up. Saw one thornback ray caught on a frozen anchovy at around 10. Another guy had his hook pulled on a big bat ray also on frozen anchovy. Got a good hit on a frozen anchovy around 12 and it turned out to be a 23” halibut. Also the only halibut the entire day until 5pm. Saw some boaters getting cited by the dfg. Heard that they kept several undersize leopard sharks. No action after that other than a few sporadic baby sevengill sharks. Nothing touched the bullhead, and it stayed alive on my hook from about 7-4, about a good 9 hours until I gave it to someone else. Left at around 5 as more people were coming and the bite was dead. It’s strange how there isn’t much bait around at all, can’t seem to catch a shiner or a smelt. Might go out again tomorrow. 63EF8B60-D8E3-4050-B60D-461B6BA54379.jpeg