Oyster point 6/13

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Came to the pier at around 1pm at peak low tide, fished until 8pm. Dragged a few friends with me and that totaled to quite a few people on the pier, mostly using dead bait on the bottom. Plenty of smelt for the guy who was fishing for them. Caught a decent bat ray around 2-3pm, probably a good 20-30 pounds at least on squid. No action after that, not until a guy with live anchovies showed up and caught a shaker halibut at around 4. Caught a shaker myself on dead anchovy soon after. No action after that until about 7 except smelt, when another shaker was caught on a frozen anchovy. The guy who was fishing for smelt ended with about 20-30 smelt. I ended the day totaling a released batray, a released halibut, and 3 decent size smelt.