Oyster Point 11/24

Had to take our dog to the vet today so my Martinez excursion will have to wait until December (hopefully I will have my sturgeon tags by then).

Did manage to sneak in a quick hour of fishing this morning at Oyster Point: arrived at the top of the outgoing and managed to get another nice pile perch (same size as yesterday, a little over a pound) on one of my remaining pile worms. Rig was a single dropper w/ a 1.5oz torpedo, #8 flouro and size 6 hook.

Only got the one bite (the rest of the pier was verrrry quiet) and hooked him straight out towards the small point on the right side. Did lose some tackle before I got a feel for where the rock bottom transitioned to sand/mud; slowly retrieving along this edge did the trick.

I gave the fish away to an older gentleman who was very happy about his fish dinner!


Glad to see some perch out there still. I grew up fishing oyster point as a kid with my dad using pile worms from there and catching black/pile perch. Nowadays I’m launching out of the ramp there to catch the halibut or bigger fish :)