Our first YouTube video —

Hey, I don't enjoy harsh feedback, either!

This is a tremendous video, the perfect introduction. Not something we see in the books, because you don't call attention to yourself. Those of us who have met you know you are rather a self-effacing guy who relies on his writing and not the promotion of his personality. (These days that is more rare than a four-cleaf clover or an honest politician!) But it's more than okay for people to see the man behind the books and the websites.

Big "LIKE" here for the ease of the presentation and the splendid narrative. Looking forward to more.


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Very nice Ken! I like the tone, calm, like a story teller. There is a cutaway to a large hook type sculpture that is confusing to me. Could use a short cutaway to the PFIC home page when you make reference to it. Also when you reference that you keep records, would be great to have a cutaway of your notebook or whatever you want to actually show people the record keeping. Would be nice to have some cutaways to old pictures of the piers you were referencing during the times you were fishing there. That would give a stronger sense of your history with fishing the piers.

All in all, it is a wonderful start and like a breath of fresh air! Great job!


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Nicely done. Very easy and friendly introduction.

Evanluck has some good points. As you always say...."biggest room in the world is room for improvement".

When you do the first pier, remind the audience to subscribe and click on "bell" for future recordings.

Also to click like, if they liked it.

I may be wrong, but It seems the comments are also important on YouTube. Thus, ask for question and make sure to answer them.

All the best and well done.

Ken Jones

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Evan, thanks for the advice and it's appreciated.

As for the record keeping, I carry a small 3x4.5 inch composition book in my pocket where I log the information. The information is then transferred to 3x5 cards at home and entered into my records on the computer. It is entered into two places on the computer, once for the individual pier which is an ongoing record of all the trips to that pier (so that I always know species caught at the pier as well as fish per trip/hour), and into the yearly stat sheet that shows all the pier information for the year. I extend the various stats out even further if I am looking for specific information. Perhaps more information than I need!

I will pass along the ideas about adding older pictures to the video although I have few early day pictures of me fishing. I was by myself fishing and didn't even have a camera. I do though have a LOT of pictures from the past 25 years or so. I will eventually include some history of the piers and do have old pictures of almost every pier.

We did shoot me talking about my pier cart and tackle and talking about two piers, the Shelter Island Pier and the Imperial Beach Pier.

Thanks for the feedback.

Ken Jones

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Mahigeer, Thanks for the comments. I don't know all the mechanics of YouTube but the ideas will be passed along to Rich


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I enjoyed watching the video. Thank you Ken and Rich for all you have done to bring this community together and educating fishermen of all ages.

The only recommendation I can bring is maybe a a quick snapshot of the cover of your books. Not many people may know who you are but will recognize the cover of your books.

Ken Jones

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Good ideas and keep 'em coming. I also posted on Facebook and the comments indicated I need to quit saying 'um so much, cut down on the bird noise, and it needs pictures of me fishing (which will be coming). Rich is doing a number of small 3-4 minute videos. Unfortunately, the days we were filming were days when the fishing was pretty dead at both piers. We may need to do a little more filming.

Ken Jones

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We filmed several different segments at the Shelter Island Pier and the Imperial Beach Pier. Some concern the basics and some concern the piers. But we need to do more filming on me actually fishing. The problem is getting some filmed before I have my shoulder operation because I don't imagine I will be able to fish at all for several (3-4) months after the operation. Just driving and staying in San Diego or Los Angeles for a few days is increasingly expensive. Plus, Rich has a full time job so it's hard for him to film except on a weekend.

I also think one of the things I need to do is look at more YouTube fishing videos. I have looked at very few and usually it's just someone fishing for 5-10 minutes catching some fish. Often very little information is actually given. I want the videos to be both interesting and educational.

This is awesome. This your opportunity and first step to be the unifying force for the Pier Fishing nation. It starts with you making the move to You Tube, building your following, providing valuable factual content, and collaborating with other fishing sites to promote the building of more public piers, and repairing piers in disrepair.
Teaching and showing how to fish on the piers could be done by showing others. You may want to get their consent.

Most important part is to avoid long period of angler reeling. There is nothing more boring than watching someone reel a catch for minute after minute.

Also some people like to show themselves a lot. Sorta felfie. Narrating while showing anything else than themselves would be better.

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My webmaster Rich Reano finished the first video. It's an introduction, and only about me (just a gnarly, old fisherman), but I would enjoy your feedback if it isn't too harsh. It was a lot of work on his part.

Hi Ken,

Good initial collaborative effort between you and Rich. Keep them coming. Personally, I'd like to see and hear information in your future videos that include information pertaining to knowing DFW fishing regulations, fish identification, and conservation efforts through Catch and Release. Future videos also great opportunity to share information about the website www.pierfishing.com. Many great suggestions so far by the membership! 👍

Who are your target demographics? Something to consider. Different videos can be made to attract different audiences and still be relatable to pier fishing.

Thank you for everything you do for the sport of pier fishing. 👏👏

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