Optimism (Sort Of) For Berkeley Pier

Ken Jones

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Well, he didn't use much of the interview we did (probably 30 minutes). I'm a little disappointed because I pointed out the difficulty of combining recreation on a pier with a ferry landing and gave him quite a bit of history and perspective. We discussed what made the pier famous, the types of fish caught at the pier, our Mud Marlin Derbies, and why Berkeley was so important to East Bay pier fishermen. Perhaps his editors cut that out, I don't know. It certainly doesn't give much direction (or fishermen thoughts) to those who might be making decisions.
Heh. I read that and I figured there was a substantial amount of info lurking in the background. Nonetheless, I'm encouraged that at least plans are being discussed. It's certainly not clear how recreation will be included, hopefully there will be more opportunities to comment and bring pressure.

Red Fish

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Sort of ... states it plainly. Forget about any 2020 opening. Seems like an assessment will be accomplished by then. And, possibly 5 years later/2025, an opening day. The whole idea, however, 5 years to make a decision?!
It sure beats “gone but not forgotten!”
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