One Bait

Cleaning out my shop I found a forgotten tackle box and found some bait tickets from my old stomping grounds.
Do you collect such things? I'd be happy to mail them to you.
Charlie bait tickets (2).jpg

Ken Jones

Staff member
I've actually got a few as seen below but none the same as yours. I would love the ticket. I'll send you my address — and thanks in advance.

By the way, the bait in reference were live anchovies. Most pier anglers had a small bucket filled with saltwater (and possibly an aerator) and would get live anchovies throughout the fishing day. You would buy some tickets upon arrival at the pier and use them as needed. As a young angler at the Newport Pier, I mananged to scrounge quite a few free tickets from friends leaving the pier.



Ken Jones

Staff member
By the way, the ticket at the top, the one that shows the names of Noel and Betty Phoenix, probably dates from the '60s-'70s.

Bait To Be Sold Again at NB Pier

Newport Beach—Bait, tackle and snacks will be sold once again from Newport Pier.

Councilmen Monday awarded a contract to Wolfgang and Erika Merting to operate the pier concession which has been closed since last December when longtime operators Noel and Betty Phoenix called it quits.

An ad hoc committee here narrowed the field of concessionaires down to two but said the proposal submitted to the Mertings "indicate a greater potential for lasting success."

When the former lease holders decided to bail out, the city attempted to lure new operators for Newport and Balboa pier concessions but got no takers. The new tenants are to receive up ton $8,000 from the city to remodel the exterior of the dilapidated 50-year-old building on Newport Pier.

Terms of the lease called for a guaranteed annual payment of $5,000 to the city, plus a percentage of yearly gross receipts.. Before the previous owners quit, the city hiked their rent from $600 to $660, then levied a fee of 10 per cent on the couple's gross receipts.

Meanwhile, Balboa Pier's concession remains closed because the city says it reportedly isn't financially feasible to operate.

Santa Ana Register, May 11, 1977