Old Thread — Are sturgeon edible?

Ken Jones

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And they are one of my favorites.

Date: October 16, 2001
To: PFIC Message Boasr
From: fishnwish

Subject: Are Sturgeon edible?

Hey fish dominators... Since sturgeon are scavengers, do they concentrate heavy metals as do other bay fish, and if so, are they edible in the slot size which can be kept? Fishnwish...if not fishin' then surely wishin'

Posted by jason chin

Same toxics as all other bay fish. Eat the fish in the portions suggested by DFG if you are worried about your health. It's some pretty good tasting stuff though. Jason "bayrunner"

Posted by stinkyfingers

LESS toxins than most other bay fish! Oh yeah - I jest not! Sturgeon actually have less toxins than most other fish. The site is down right now, or I'd give you the link. Remember the post Scooterfish put up? It had a list of our bay fish and the levels of toxin for each. As I remember being surprised by the fact that sturgeon had less toxins than Halibut, Striper, sharks, and more. Maybe the link will work in a day or so... In the meantime, I'll try to find other data to support my claim.


Posted by Songslinger

First response: oh yeah they are edible! Very tasty! And at the lower end of the slot limit they are the best.

Second response: if you mean are they SAFE to eat due to their bottom feeding habits... Yes. The keys here are moderation and preparation. It's probably not a good idea to eat sturgeon every week (and who among us would be that successful anyway?). If you properly clean the sturgeon--any fish, for that matter--you lower the risks of ingesting too many trace minerals or toxins. Skin it properly. Remove all the guts and scrape the cavity clean. Cut out steaks with white meat only whenever you can. Cook thoroughly, but don't overcook.

Posted by jason chin

Do not over cook. Sturgeon is a very firm meat as it is and overcooking will toughen it up too much. Another point, I do not know if others do this as well but I usually let the meat set in the refrigerator for a day or two after I catch it before preparation. This lets the meat relax making it more tender which I prefer. Sturgeon tense up when they fight you on their way in. Jason "bayrunner"