Oceanside pier?

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Any news from there? Bonito maybe? Heading down tomorrow and would like to stop by for some fishing on Saturday and Sunday. Might try and bring a heavy setup for sharks and rays, any news of them?


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Haven’t been there in a while. It’s usually one of the better piers. If you can, bring some ghost shrimp, mussels, clams, and ghost shrimp, in case pelagic fishing is slow.

Not sure about Crystal Pier but most of the other piers down south of O Side are SLOW. My friend fished Ocean Beach Pier this morning and he said it was real slow with just a few Mackerel. Shelter Island Pier is way crowded (because of the heat) with similar few catches of Mackerel with short spotties. The anchovies showed at Imperial Beach Pier BUT they are hanging mostly in the shallow surf and people can’t fish there during the day. The water is also contaminated with sewage from TJ.

The party boats were doing well last week. I was given a couple of big Yellowtail last week.

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I talked to the people at Oceanside this morning and action is only so so. Inshore some sargo and a few surfperch while mis-pier sees some bass (mostly small) and a some halibut if you know what you are doing (also mostly small). Mackerel are in and out and although a coupe of bonito have been taken (on bonito balls) they are mostly hanging out from the pier., Boils are seen but few fish taken. A few thresher sharks have been taken at the end along with the usual shovelnose and bat ray.

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Well I’m heading there tomorrow in the morning and probably fishing until late afternoon. I’ll be bringing an 8’ medium set up for pelagics and a 10’ surf rod for some rays or sharks, whatever bites. Is that overkill? Anyways, is anyone going to be out there tomorrow?