Oceanside Pier, May 28 th invitation

Hello Fisher Folk

I am visiting from NorCal and will try fishing the Oceanside Pier friday may 28th. My Dad fished this pier growing up in the 30 s-40s and I am hoping he will send a little extra luck my way. Special thanks to Happy Wanderer for the informative posts, Ken, for the video I found on pier fishing, Evan Luck for the recent post on this pier, and countless others. My primary target will be Halibut and plan to start mid pier . Any new species different from far north will be a welcome catch, Any and all are encouraged to join me. I will be the guy with a 15 pound cockapoo as a partner. Besides a crab ring to help land fish, Is there anything else I should bring or be aware of ? I am not opposed to fishing in the surf but plan on starting on the pier. Any special size regulations I need to know?
Thank you. I hope to see some of you there.



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I've seen a couple reports of people catching early season bonito off that pier. It is really starting to warm up this week. Keep an eye out for them as they are a species that you don't get in Northern California.

Have fun! Wish I could join you but I'm working on Friday!