Oceanside Pier June 19, 2023

Got to the pier around 10:00AM for a quick session today, armed with 1 rod, a 15 Gram slow-fall Jigpara, and a 2” savage gear 3D manic shrimp (Carolina rig).
I fished for 3 hours and managed 1 Mackeral off of the Jigpara.

Saw people catching the occasional queen fish on jig, 3 or 4 mackerel, a baby leopard shark and the guys in the front got a corvina, a massive ~8lb spotfin croaker, and some smaller models.

Im really tired of seeing the the croaker and corvina guys with 3-10 rods per person. There was no room to even look over the railing due to the amount of rods everywhere. Didn’t help that one side of the pier Is still fenced off. I wish people were curtious enough to fish with a couple rods each.

All in all a nice day and even the sun peeked it’s head out around 1pm!


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Sadly, yes. I should have taken a picture. May have been a bit of an exaggeration but some fisherman had easily over 5 or 6 rods per person.
Yes, I don't doubt you, I am a regular at Oceanside pier, and this is a regular thing, people have to many rods, greed and no manners.
Last time I was at Newport pier all the regulars had so many rods against the rail you couldn't even get in to fish. They weren't even using most of them. They like to hold spots for their buddies and if they don't know you good luck