Oceanside pier extra report :)


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First of all thank you Mr. Ken Jones for the report as always, I have been reading all your reports with anticipation over the years, cannot thank you enough. I have been fishing at Oceanside pier this month, July 2022, and the report is good, that we have plenty of Mackerel, usually at sundown, and the best side is at the end on the right side, try to arrive early because it can get crowded, best bait for them is of course cut up fresh body parts of their own kind :) Otherwise you can try Major Craft jigpara slow in 20 gram, or Jigpara surf in 28 gram. Bass, especially Calico and Barred Sand bass can be troublesome bait stealer, plenty of small ones, if you want legal ones you can try fishing at night with smelt, or squid, artificial I like to use drop shot with Zoom Superfluke in Albino for day time, or Black color at night. Now, we have Bonito, the small kind, showing up in small numbers, they come in and out to eat the plentiful baitfish under the pier, best technique to catch them is nose hooked, or anal hooked live baitfish 3 inches or less, or you can use sabiki, or fishing bubble with lucky craft pointer 65 or Yo Zuri pins minnow, my favorite way to catch them is jigging with Major Craft jigpara Slow 20g. That is my report for this month, good luck fishing everyone!!!!
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Thanks for the report! I'm planning on going fishing next weekend and still looking for places to go. Last session was at OB Pier and not much action. Contemplating between pier or surf / shore.