Oceanside pier 8/6/2022 report


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Hello fishing people, the report is if you want to make bait, this is the time to do it, Sardines are everywhere, locals hauling them by the buckets, with mackerels, big macs mixing in :) I came late and got one bonito, about 12 inches, they are here for some fun time!!! The story of the day is I was using the jigpara surf and was jigging on top water column and got a bite, that thing ran like crazy, thought it was a yellowtail or something, almost got a heart attack LOL, turned out to be a juvenile thresher shark, about 4 foot long, legitimately hooked, got him to close to the pier and he got between the pilings and broke off. Night time got a legal barred sand bass, about 17 inches, and called the night, good luck fishing everyone!!!