Oceanside pier 8/4

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Went out at around 8 am, fished until 2 pm. Not much was biting out at the end, but saw some croakers and Sargo at the surf area. Saw a guy with at least a 3 pound sargo. Most are using mussels in the surf. Mackerel bite was very slow, lot of small smelt and salema around the pilings. One guy caught a 7’ thresher at the end, not sure on what. Also saw a small halibut pulled up, on a live smelt, and a small calico on what I think was a chunk of sardine. The guys casting bonito splasher rigs said that 2 were caught at around 7am, with no more that day. The smelt around the pilings seem to like shrimp, anchovies and mackerel over squid. Ended the day with about 6 smelt, 2 salema, and 3 mackerel, all on squid, and all given to the guys next to me with the exception of one mackerel which was quickly sashimied after being caught around 11am. Doesn’t get any fresher than that.