Oceanside pier 8-13-2023

Arrived at Oceanside pier around noon with the sun shining and wind blowing 6-10 knots. A lot of people were leaving as I was arriving (not always the best sign).

Headed to the back at a chance for a bonito or some mackeral. Tossed a 20gram slow fall- Jigpara for a couple hours. With no reward for my efforts I decided to try fishing a red feather Sabiki jig tipped with squid.

Tossed it out far and let it drift back to me near the surface for a couple hours managed 1 very nice mackerel at around 13”.

Not much going on at the pier. Saw a couple smelt caught and a handful of 6-8” mackeral. Someone got lucky with some big spotfin croaker. I called it at 4:30. All in all a fun day of fishing and happy to have gotten that mack.