Oceanside pier 5-17-23

Showed up for a late session at Oceanside pier yesterday. Started around 3:30 near the shore with with some nice quality muscle and sand crabs for no takers. It was an incoming tide and in hindsight I should have weathered it out, as I saw a few nice spotfin caught as I was leaving around 8pm.

Instead I headed to the end of the pier around 5pm for my shot at a halibut or some sand bass. I was able to jig up a wide assortment of fish including: walleye perch, queen fish, lizardfish, small croaker, sardine, Jack mackerel and pacific mackerel.

Surf was 5-8’ and sea grass was making it very difficult to keep bait on. Fished a 10g slow fall jigpara for no takers as well. Decided to call it around 8pm with a nice dinner for 2 of jig fish :)

One side of the pier is still fenced off and water was a green and murky.