oceanside/crystal cove report

I made it down to oceanside pier last friday as I planned. Due to a no dog policy on pier I did not fish all day but I leaned a ton for next trip and I call that a success. In an hours or so I saw at least half a dozen croaker caught in the swash zone. Secret bait was mussels collected in other areas at low tide..Bite was semi brisk. Later I walked to the end of the pier and saw mackerel being caught on sabiki rigs tipped with bait. Sometimes 2-3 at a time. I didnt try and called it a recon trip
Monday My son and I went to crystal cove beach. Strict no sand crab policy so we tried artificial s. Vegetation in the water made swimbaits hard to use but my son tried a gulp nightcrawler chunk ( couldnt find sand worm) and right off caught a barred sand bass. We watched a couple catch some small leopard sharks on shrimp and when they left, they gave us their bait. Later I caught a small leopard near some rocks. We didn't get skunked and learned more for next time, whenever that will be. I am thinking on hitting the Mendocino coast in a couple weeks. Our fish were released.
good luck


You can use Sand Crabs at Crystal Cove. You just can’t catch them there.
Remember- Limit is 50 per Fisherman. The way I read it, each 50 need to be in a separate bucket.