Ocean Beach Pier

Ken Jones

Staff member
I fished the O.B. Pier this morning for three hours (6:30-9:30). Overall slow fishing but a nice variety of fish: 2 kelp bass, 1 black croaker, 1 sargo, 1 Pacific mackerel, 1 very large jacksmelt, 1 rock wrasse, 1 scorpionfish and 1 scorpionfish. It looks like tomorrow will be a visit to the Crystal Pier.

O.B.Pier.Sign copy.jpg

OB Pier Regulations copy.jpg

Kelp.Bass copy.jpg

Kelp Bass​

 Scorpionfish copy.jpg

California Scorpionfish (commonly called Sculpin in SoCal but not a sculpin but a rockfish).​

 Restaurant copy.jpg

Pretty decent food at the cafe​

 Menu copy.jpg