OB Pier — Good News

Ken Jones

Staff member
Today's update. The city hopes to have the Ocean Beach Pier back open sometime in July.

The statement from the city:

In order to assess the damage sustained by the Ocean Beach Pier during winter storms earlier this year, the City hired Moffatt & Nichol, a highly experienced marine structural engineering consultant. Moffatt & Nichol conducted a visual assessment and determined that while the pier had minor damage to its buildings, railings and pump station, it sustained less structural damage this storm season than in past storm seasons. That means that while the pier continues to degrade over time, it is currently structurally safe to support public use.

For the pier to reopen, the City needs to address the minor damage to the pier’s buildings, railings and pump station. These repairs will not require a contractor, as last year's emergency pier repairs required. City staff are currently assessing the repair needs, working to obtain the required materials and scheduling the necessary repairs. The pier’s allowable operational loading limit for vehicle and equipment access has also been lowered to ensure the public's safety.

All of the necessary repair work is expected to be completed in July. We hope to provide a more accurate date for the pier’s reopening in the coming weeks.