Nufo hooks his first dinos...

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Date: March 3, 2002
To: PFIC Message Board
From: Nufo

Subject: Nufo's Quest (YEAH BABY)

I finally did it! Hooked my first 2 dinos today thanks to a hint from Stugyslayer. Did a little footwork and found the spot he hinted about. Here is the breakdown of how it all went down.

Arrived at the spot (south of GG bridge) at low tide around 10:40am. Nothing biting at all so around 12:15 I decided I would try holding my rod for a bit. Within 2 minutes I felt a little tick and set the hook. BAAAAMMM the water explodes and out jumps a monster sturgeon. The fish tried to play me for a fool and came right in. Knowing better than to try and land a monster like this when he’s not tired I just let him sit there. Finally he got pi.... and took off on a line peeling run of about 100 yards. He stopped a couple of times to show me his aerial display but then would turn and run again. Finally I turned him and he came back with in 10 feet of me. Still thinking he’s playing possum I took my time and guess what I was right. Off he goes again on a thumb blistering run. After about 6 of these runs and a bunch of little runs he finally tires and goes belly up. Now its time to try and land him but stupid me forgot my snare. I pull him in close and grab my shock leader. Now I drag him up into reaching distance. I notice he is barely hooked so I reach down and slide my hand into his gill plate. This pi.... him off and he gives a violent shake slipping out of my hand and off of the hook. DAMN! For some reason I always learn the hard way. The thought of keeping him if he was under the max limit crossed my mind. I know that’s gotta be why he gave that last effort to get free.

I wasn’t mad that I lost the fish but rather I was excited about the battle I had just been in. About 30 minute later I got another little tick on the end of my line. Slammed the hook home and landed a nice little 46 incher.

Breakdown on bait and gear:
Calstar GF700XL rod (custom built by me!)
Calcutta 400S reel filled with 15lb Izoreline.
50# Andy shock leader (approx. 10yards)
7/0 Gami hook on a 60# wire leader of 18 inches.
3-oz sinker attached to a slider.

Grass shrimp

Fight time:
Big fish about 45 minutes
Little fish about 3 minutes

Lesson learned:
Holding your rod makes all the difference. These fish hit so soft that they didn’t even make the tip of my 700XL move! Wonder how many fish I have missed due to this?

Thank you to all of you who have contributed to my sturgeon fishing knowledge on this board and on the water. Nufo's quest is not over, it’s only just begun. Nufo

Posted by johnr

Nice catch. My only time fishing for these was in my boat under the San Rafael Bridge. I was used to salmon fishing so I'm leaving my rod in the rod holder. We had several hits with nada. I didn't know it until we came in and talked with some experienced sturgeon fisherman that you need to hold your rod and set that hook as soon as you feel that "pump". These are a fun challenge from shore. John

Posted by SteveO

Awesome Man...!! Way to go.

Posted by Songslinger

Hey Dude, that is so great! Way to go! You must be walking on air.

Posted by Nufo

Took a quick picture of the 46 incher and then released it. Won’t have the pics for a while since I don’t have a digital came. Had to use an old trust disposable. 15 pics left before I can develop it.

Posted by BankShot

Right on Nufo! Sounds like quite the battle on that first one...thumb-blistering runs, I love it. Plus two in one day is one hell of way to break the ice. Congrats and many more to come.

Posted by Corbinaman1

Nice Sturgeon--Sounds Like A Blast!

Posted by gyozadude

Nufo: Congrats! That's a great catch and the feeling must be enhanced by the fact that you built this rod yourself. I hope you land many more and tell more stories. - Gyozadude "Yes - I can roll my own potsticker skins"

Posted by geckomd

CONGRATS on a successful quest! Now off for some stripers!

Posted by leony

Wow, you finally did it! Congrats, Nufo!!! It's amazing that those giant sturgeons create such little action while pumping the food. The hint on my first got-away sturgeon is moved line, but I thought it was wind at first. Anyway, it was really great that you got your first one. I am sure that you will catch many more in the future. leony

Posted by salty nick

Congratulations Nufo - nice!

Posted by lucy

Good going, Nufo! Just reading about it was exciting, so experiencing it must have been a real blast.

Posted by stinkyfingers

Glad we talked. Good thing we got on the phone earlier that day. P.S. Glad security wasn't an issue. We'll have to go out soon, just to drain that roll of film.
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Red Fish

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-Interesting to look at this post (17) years later!
I would have thought Mike Profumo hooked his first sturgeon before 2002 but I believe he just striper fished before that? Today, he is raising a son and a daughter and carving his own magnum sized plugs (similar to the AC) and catching monster striper in the middle of the night up north past
-It’s nice to be able to catch sturgeon on 15# mono and a 3 ounce weight. You can do it if you are out of a strong current. I caught a sturgeon on my kayak (the only kayak one) with a four ounce pyramid, 50# braid, and an Abu 6500. The tide was going out, the bow of the yak was pointing southbound, and I could only barely feel the bite. Cleared a 360 around the yak when it charged in and guided it past the anchor rope. (JohntheFisherman on the net).
-I don’t believe in holding the rod. I do however believe you can maximize your chances of getting and seeing a bite (when the bite is tough) by going to a light-action rod (say 10-30 or 12-25). Doesn’t have to be high-dollar either, just light in the tip. And, these days (21st century), the trend is light weight rods (whether you are holding it on your hands all day or not). E.G.-off the the rack: Something like a Shimano Trevala (or any Shimano that can barely throw 8 oz). Or, for a few pennies more, maybe an 807/808 Phoenix. And of course the old honey/colored TigerStik for the win but try to get the lightest one in action as well as physical weight. Even like the two/piece Tiger 8’.
-When you can find fish in the SF Bay all the way to the end of the Pennisula, the edges of San Pablo Bay or Clyde or Antioch Bridge, or back sloughs of Liberty Island out the heavy current, you can get out any 15 sized conventional, 30 to 50# braid or 15 to 20# monofilament and a “heavy steelhead/musky rod,” your 3 and four ounce weights, and have some “light-tuna tackle” sturgeon fun!
The joke here is if you compare this post “Putting in Your Time” to the post just (2) years later with Nufo and Elric “TheCrw” Leano. It’s like freshman year vs senior year! LOL :p:D
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