Not sure how to feel....

Got up at the crack of dawn to fish at the Redondo Pier, casting towards the shore towards the parking structure there is a part that sticks out towards that area has a table with the railing around it, I noticed a lone fishing pole and a lone cell phone sitting at the table, thinking it must be someone fishing nearby, I respectfully cast in the area next to where this person had their stuff, as I am casting towards the shore I can see a seal swimming and black object on the shore I assumed this black object was a seal as well maybe washed up, well it starts getting clearer to make out what is on the shore and unfortunately it was a person, they were unresponsive, I immediately let a maintenance worker know there was a person on shore and I called the police, this is pretty sad, I can't imagine what happened maybe this person was leaning to far over the railing and fell in, but the shore is not even that far to where they could have fallen in, whatever the case...always be careful, slip trips and falls folks, sad morning here at Redondo...

Ken Jones

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Wow, not the way you want to start the day. Let us know any updates and I certainly agree that one must ALWAYS be very careful when by the railing on a pier. Especially true if you have kids with you.


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I did not see anything on the news. Maybe I missed it.

For a while now I have been worried about kids falling in the water at the Mole.
Thus, I made a rescue rope and hang it on the railing. I have also notified my fishing partner/s at the Mole the purpose of it.
This month I witnessed the same thing at Oceanside pier. I was fishing near the bathrooms when I witnessed a lifeguard paddling out, thinking he was just training.

Then 10 minutes later he was coming back with someone in full attire and boots on. The swell that day was 6’ and a couple waves had taken them out on the way in . Still wondering how it happened but he came out alive.