Northbay Striper 4/10

Red Fish

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  • Things are starting to get back to normal as far as spring weather conditions here in north-central. The weather is heating and with the cease in the rain, the salinity levels of the SF Bay are starting to rise. With this, the baitfish are starting to come in to the piers and stay there. It’s not yet complete and it may take (2) more weeks for things to be solid.
  • Slowly, the gamefish are starting to trickle in, but no halibut yet. This has happened in some years past, even at Berkeley Pier. Poor herring spawns and excessive rains delays combine to result in a later start for migrating species entering the bay.
  • I was able to manage this 1 23.5” striper on a California halibut rig with #2 Hayabusa circle hook with a treble trailer and a 1 ounce pyramid weight at the bottom. Used 9.6 salmon/steelhead spinner with a 4000 bait-runner Okuma reel. Shiners for bait that were difficult to come by right now.