Northbay Report: SF Bay where it meets San Pablo Bay

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  • I want to give a brief report as I believe there is still value in reporting on PFIC (as I have done for over (20) years)
I have been sending information directly to Ken Jones so that he may use it in his monthly reports for the San Francisco Bay area.
  • I feel that people in other parts of California can learn about SF Bay fishing from my fishing it over (50) years. I have learned and seen what piers in SoCal look like from Mahigheer that I will never fish most likely (but feel like I have visited through his reports) for example Marina Del Rey, Manhattan Beach, and Hermosa. It was because of his invitation that I got to fish the Charthouse and Malibu. I am actually learning things now that I hadn't before, little things, that make a difference. I have learned from so many other fishermen from all walks of life and perhaps they have learned/observed a thing or two from me. Little things like fishing with the tide, not having a twisted line by choosing the appropriate rig, using the right amount of weight, and fishing the right part (depth) of a pier can mean all the difference in the world between catching and not catching on these bay piers. A prime example is how the SF Waterfront piers are so different to fish than Eastbay piers; completely different tactics.
  • Okay, the general report: fish are in the SF Bay now and spread out in all areas now. There are fewer piers from closures (that Billzerkeley mentioned) but you can still find a few places to find fish from shore. Some are just fishing next to closed piers and trying to get far enough out from them to get fish.
  • I have had luck at the same old haunts, and piers like Paradise in Marin are very impacted right now with fishermen.
  • The main thing is to pick a spot and make friends (otherwise you are better off fishing from shore)!
  • Actually, I have been learning a lot about getting along on piers with people that I owe to Ken Jones. We are all like 1 big family, and with families, we keep the peace with all of our brothers.
  • If anyone has any specific questions about SF Bay fishing, ask or PM me.
  • Cali Hali 25"; tie a snap swivel to the tag-end of the line; used 25# Big Game for leader and 6" below tied a single dropper (ten wraps); another 6" below, a 5/0 Owner Mutu circle on 3' on the hook line with an overhand loop to attach to the dropper and a perfection loop to the hook. I parallel hooked the hook through the nose of a 7" jacksmelt. Note: I will change rigs if I am fishing against the tide, I will use this rig over a sliding sinker rig or even a three-way swivel rig as it tends to not twist up. For some piers, you can't fish both sides because of obstructions or because the backside is too shallow. I am just using any main tackle I have these days as it is not that important on piers where you can use 1 or 2 ounces of weight to catch halibut, you can choose a variety of rods or reels that can all work. View attachment 3715 0B567811-94D6-4DDE-8C9F-E7B8CB4C82FF.jpeg
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