Northbay Halibut 08/29/2020

Red Fish

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The fishing remains slow as I had the only game fish of the day. Some perch and bat rays around. The crabs 🦀 take your bait, dead or live, if you fish on the bottom. At some points in the incoming you could get away with a Carolina rig and perhaps still reel in your live bait. I used a single 3-way swivel with 2’ on the hook line and 4’ on the 2 ounce weight drop.

Arriving a little later, I commenced fishing at 5 pm and bagged the fish approximately 7pm. It seems more and more shiners are abundant and that is what I used to entice this halibut to bite. I used my same main tackle of an Avet SX with PP braid, old Lamiglas 12-25 salmon/steelhead Rod and 20# Big Game for leader material. I used a trap rig with 2/0 octopus hooked to the nose and a treble stinger hooked to the dorsal.

The fish latched on to the shiner and just sat down on it. I inched the rod out of the rod holder and gave a slight upward swing and then kept reeling keeping the rod up with tension on it. Young Moses noticed that ‘it’s barely hooked’ as he told me it was only the octopus hook that stuck as he unhooked it after Moe landed it with the net. Fish taped out at 25”. I shared the fish today as Rick (John Mary’s Uncle) was celebrating his birthday today and we made fish tacos out of it for the group of fishermen.